A fruitful collaboration between the UK team: Dave Pratt and Janet Ainley and the Israel group headed by Dani Ben Zvi. The aim of the collaboration is study children's interpretation of graphs through active statistical modelling as well as to bring together two approaches: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Active Graphing (AG), to supporting the teaching of the early stages of statistics in schools.

A fruitful collaboration between the Germany group, headed by
Rolf Biehler: Daniel Frischemeier, Susanne Podworny, Mareike Oberthür and Julia Sonntag and the Israel team headed by Dani Ben Zvi. The aim of the collaboration is to create an active learning community as a basis for collaboration in the area of statistics education research and development in TinkerPlots based learning environments, to share ideas and experience in design of learning trajectories, and activities, teachers' training, research, tools and implementations of EDA-based curricula in schools.

A collaboration with the collaborativeon learning (COOL) communities research group: Yotam Hod, Tamar Novik, Shiri Hagani-Mor, Jacqui Basil- Shachar, Oshra Duek and Ruthi Gofer. The aim of the collaboration is to create a collaborated learning community that shares activities such as a discussion club base on articles in various subjects (methods, theories, shared contents), triangulation (analyze provided data in order to review hypotheses of researcher), oral presentations of each other work, Review written work, share skills and practices, etc.

ProCivicStat (PCS) is a collaboration with colleges from the Universities of Durham, Haifa, Ludwigsburg, Paderborn, Porto and Szeged, funded by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Commission. ProCivicStat (PCS) was established in order to contribute to the preparation of young people in Europe and beyond for responsible citizenship, in terms of their ability to be aware of and understand what we will refer to as "Civic Statistics"